Fit & Fabulous Fun…from your living room

Hosted by: Karine aka Vegan Cupid from Find Veg Love

Message from Karine:

Zoom Hangouts are a means for uniting people beyond just being vegan and single… so now it’s time to bring the GYM to the Zoom!

Well, not exactly. But, since I was looking for inspiration to stay fit and active during COVID, and figured others would be as well, I added a fitness lovers hangout to my series!

Let’s bond over our love of fitness, whether you’re into yoga, hiking, taking relaxing walks out in nature, whatever your fitness level, all are welcomed.

Grab your ticket here

And be sure to check out Karine’s article on being finding a partner who’s “fit” for you in fitness, in the next issue of the Plant-Based Spotlight Magazine!

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