When I was growing up I always considered myself an animal lover. I even tried to be vegetarian several times, but my parents never helped and I eventually had to eat meat again. I’ve always tried to be a ‘hippie’ pushing human rights and equality to anyone who would listen. Then I watched What The Health at age 24. I was completely blown away at the part they started to talk about the pig farms in North Carolina and how the waste gets dumped into the rivers and sprayed on fields for the pig food, and in turn gets sucked up by the land. The people living around the town were getting sick and dying purely because of the farms and unfortunately most of them were too poor to move away. One lady even had several of her family members buried in her yard. I immediately thought that I could no longer live the life I thought I had been living all along if I continued to consume animal products. I was part of the reason this woman had lost so much, why this woman’s granddaughter was suffering from multiple diseases at just 1 year old. I went vegan overnight and have never looked back. I am constantly researching the products I buy and the food I eat to do the least harm I can possibly do. If I’m buying something that causes harm to anyone then how can I sleep at night? Every being deserves the chance at a healthy happy life.