I lost 150 pounds and have kept it off for almost 8 years now.

My journey started at the beginning of 2012. I learned I had hypertension after the first physical I had in years. The doctor also was concerned about my cholesterol and said I was morbidly obese. He wanted to put me on meds but agreed to my plan of losing weight before going on meds.

I lost most of the weight over the course of a year. I did a lot of research when I started my journey and learned about what foods I put in my body and what foods to avoid eating in my quest to lower my blood pressure.

After losing the weight, I was eating what I thought was the healthiest form of eating, but was dealing with a lot of loose skin. I was weight lifting but was not building much muscle.

It wasn’t until I heard about vegan bodybuilders, especially Robert Cheeke, that I became aware of vegan bodybuilding. But I didn’t want to just be vegan, I wanted the healthiest diet possible, which is how I stumbled upon whole food plant based.

I’ve been eating100% plant based since September 6, 2016 and feel great. The muscles that I’ve built since going plant based tightened the skin in my arms considerably. I actually put on 20 pounds of muscle since then, which should make the question “where do you get your protein from?” obsolete!”