About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was constantly sick and tired and had zero energy. I went to the doctors often and they only told me it was going to get worse with time and that I could start taking medication. The medications side effects were super scary and I refused to take them. I was really depressed because I didn’t feel like a good mom because I literally had no energy and was terrified for my future. I felt so bad for my husband and that he might have to take care of me one day if I continue getting sicker. So one day I decided to take my health into my own hands and researched everything I could about the disease and ordered every book I could find. After digging in I was literally in shock that diet could play a role in the disease, not only a role but was the reason I was feeling this way! Why weren’t doctors telling me this? I couldn’t believe it! So my husband and I decided to go plant based for three months to see if it made a difference in how I felt. After a couple of weeks I started feeling amazing and having energy. After the three months were up we were feeling the best we ever had and have never gone back! I started running miles everyday and I was never a runner in-fact I hated running! I then got pregnant again after doctors told me I should never have any more kids because of my Lupus! If I wouldn’t have changed my diet or my life I would still be sick and depressed and wouldn’t have my beautiful baby girl! Going plant based saved the quality of my life and I’m so thankful I didn’t listen to my doctors!!