I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in October of 2013. I had survived chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation treatments and after some research, in May of 2014, I decided to live a whole food plant based lifestyle. I had been an ethical vegetarian for 28 years prior but I was unaware of the cruelty of the dairy industry or the impact that consuming dairy products had on my health and thankfully, I became aware of both of these facts around the same time and this was shortly after I had finished chemotherapy treatments. My motivation for change was very high and my drive to acquire more information was fueled by my desire for survival. The casein, saturated fats and Igf 1 in dairy products cause cancer cells to proliferate and grow at exponential rates. This coupled with the hormones present (the pregnancy hormones from a bovine), fuels the growth of breast cancer and prostate cancer. I am currently hyper vigilant about making sure that my food does not contain any animal proteins or secretions. I try to eat organic foods in their whole form as much as possible. I have had no cancer activity since my initial treatment and have recently been taken off of my maintenance medication. I believe that I have the power to influence my survival by choosing to live a plant based lifestyle. I feel amazing and am hoping to influence others to eliminate animal products from their food consumption habits.