My wife and I were vegetarian for 25 years. We thought we were doing the right things and eating properly. It was our daughter who challenged us to try being vegan. To be honest, we had never considered it. After some quick research, we decided to give it a try. Better for your health, better for the environment and better for the welfare of all animals. Win – Win – Win!

The health benefits were shocking to us. We were vegetarians so we must be healthy, right? I actually went through a dairy withdrawal. It was more than a week of feeling sluggish, headaches and just off. BUT, after that I couldn’t believe how great I felt – Energy, clarity of thought, consistent positive moods. It was amazing!

Because of this we wanted to research more and share what we learned. I started a Vegan blog and recipe site – We just wanted to try to communicate and help others. You can eat GREAT food, healthy food, you can feel great and be a positive influence on our planet and to our animal friends.

I am so excited to see what happens with this network!