So Many Cooks in the Kitchen

So Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Learn about healthy and delicious whole food plant-based cooking and nutrition going kitchen-to-kitchen with a group of Food for Life instructors. Food for Life is an award-winning nutrition education and cooking class program developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Episode 1 - Let's Get Cooking with Beans - Part 1

SMCK - Episode 1

Welcome to So Many Cooks in the Kitchen! We are a group of PCRM Food for Life Instructors that hosts monthly whole food plant-based vegan cooking shows. We spend about 7 or 8 minutes each as we go kitchen-to-kitchen cooking and talking about nutrition.

In this premiere episode, we have an overview of cooking with beans followed by demonstrations of hummus and blackened tempeh. Stay tuned for all 4 parts, as well as a question and answer session, and then to future episodes, initially traversing our Power Plate (episode 2 is about vegetables, 3 is about fruits, and 4 is about grains) and then continuing on to other topics, starting with episode 5 on tofu and episode 6 on squash.

Join us on this journey while we share our love for great plant-based food, health, and all-around wellness. You can find us at and on Facebook at