What: Free online cooking/nutrition event featuring over a dozen certified whole food plant-based cooking instructors going kitchen-to-kitchen to share tips and demonstrate healthful vegetable recipes, hosted by So Many Cooks Show Host Dilip Barman.

When: Saturday, October 17, 2020, 2pm EST, Live Online Stream

Why: A great way to build good health and to work to prevent health conditions that can lead to severe COVID-19 outcomes is to eat healthful whole food plant-based meals. Food for Life instructors know how, and love to share!

How: Details on watching live are at bit.ly/soMuchSquash. For those who don´t use facebook, the footage will be edited and available as a show (bit.ly/SMCK-PBN) on the Plant-Based Network (plantbasednetwork.com).

Many Cooks is a new (May 2020) group of Food for Life instructors who have created a rapid fire show that goes kitchen-to-kitchen to share nutrition and food preparation tips. This Saturday the show focuses on winter squash.

The shows, roughly monthly, can be viewed live on facebook and include real-time questions and answers. They have been picked up by Plant-Based Network and will be edited and viewable on various streaming devices and the web itself within a few weeks, as well.  The edited first show about beans can be viewed at bit.ly/SMCK-PBN; the unedited ones are on
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/somanycooks/videos.

Our last show was a children´s show on Saturday, October 3. Kids’ show details are available at somanycooks.com/kids. All shows are livestreamed on facebook.

Hope to see you there!!

Dilip Barman, host

Food for Life is a nutrition education program of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. PCRM is a non-profit organization with over 12,000 physicians, dietitians, and scientists, and over 175,000 members, with a goal of improving lives through evidence-based research in food and nutrition. Details on Food for Life classes are available at fflclasses.org.

The Centers for Disease Control have advised that people who have underlying health conditions like obesity (about 93 million in the United States), diabetes (about 34 million), chronic kidney disease (about 27 million), cancer (also about 27 million), or coronary artery disease (about 18 million) are among those at greatest risk for having severe outcomes if
they do get the COVID-19 infection. That adds up to well over half of the country´s population. 
People with one or more of these conditions constitute 94% of COVID-19 deaths in the country. Eating plant-based has been shown through extensive longitudinal evidence to be a powerful way to prevent, control, and possibly reverse these illnesses.

Dilip Barman is a Durham-based Food for Life instructor (bit.ly/FFLPromo) and one of the Cooks. He hosts the country´s largest vegetarian Thanksgiving in Durham. He is Executive Producer of the 2020 film Code Blue (codebluedoc.com) about lifestyle medicine in treating
major health conditions. He is the North American representative for the International Vegetarian Union and on the Speakers Bureau of the American Vegan Society.

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