I’m Stevie Van Horn and I am 29, from Colorado, and I’m a sustainability activist. I will be putting out a face lotion brand and an eco-friendly clothing collection this year! I got into minimalism, a plant-based diet, being palm oil-free, and zero waste because of fungi. To be more specific, I got intrigued by a book called Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets which explains the role that fungi has on the environment, and how deeply we all depend on this incredible organism.

Fungi have the ability to communicate, regenerate and rebalance the entire world, and it has inspired me wholly to be more harmonious with our environment in which we depend on. This made me drop everything and change all my habits entirely.

I stay positive knowing that if I can do it, anyone can. I used to eat animal products for every meal, I used a copious amount of plastic in my life, was highly wasteful with food, was a shopaholic (Amazon and fast fashion labels were my best friend), and was completely detached from connecting my habits to real world problems. It took a mental switch to realize that one person is a million people, and we all have the power to make a huge positive impact on our future.

5 Quick tips to give someone wanting to go zero waste:

1. Don’t beat yourself up! Perfection doesn’t exist.

2. Remember there’s a source and an end to everything we buy! This will fall in line with wanting to find plastic-free alternatives, composting, and shopping local, organic, palm oil-free, animal product-free, etc..

3. Always bring cloth bags and a mason jar: these items are multifaceted and will make a huge difference in day to day decisions!

4. Ask yourself: Do you really need it? Will this make you happier?

5. Stay positive! Every single decision is a major win! So celebrate them all!
The average person can do SO MUCH to support the case. Doing research and buying alternatives to their plastic products, to check their labels before they buy, to lighten their animal product load, to buy thrift instead of new clothes – and so much more!

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