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10 Things I’ve Learned being Plant-Based for 10 Years

In 2020 it’s easier than ever to become a vegan around the world, and in this article I discuss some changes I’ve seen during the last 10 years. Growing up I consumed very little fruit and vegetables, but I made a big switch around that changed my life for the better. Firstly I became vegan…

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Which celebrities in 2020 will join Simon Cowell in going plant-based?

Veganism and plant-based living has continued to grow like never before, with companies such as Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger hitting the mainstream market, and documentaries such as The Game Changers quickly influencing people towards a plant-based diet. We’ve highlighted just a few of the influential people who have switched to plant-based living within…

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Smoky Seitan Roast

This is another great recipe for Seitan Roast and Grilling Rub that comes to us from Claire Peters and the Skeptical Vegan, Eric Lindstrom’s series “Give Peas a Chance.” Holds up amazing well on the grill! To make the Seitan Roast: 1 + 1/3 C Vital Wheat Gluten 1 C Un-Chicken stock + bouillon for…

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Chorizo and Roasted Mushroom Herb Stuffing

Looking for a different, savory holiday stuffing recipe that takes only 30 minutes? Then look no further than this plant-based Chorizo and Roasted Mushroom Herb Stuffing from Atlantic Natural Foods and Loma Linda. Besides serving it as a side dish or using it as stuffing for a baked squash or plant-based roast, the folks at…

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New Plant-Based Network Advisory Committee

The Plant-Based Network has created an Advisory Committee comprised of plant-based experts across multiple fields to provide advice and guidance on the latest plant-based lifestyle trends and science. Members also provide feedback on proposed shows and identify potential opportunities to support the plant-based movement. To learn more about who is currently part of the Plant-Based…

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A Global Media Outlet for the Plant-Based Lifestyle

The power of media outlets is undeniable in getting a message out and impacting important decisions that people make every day. The meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries understand this, which is why they are entrenched in mainstream media outlets while also making it difficult for plant-based companies to use the same marketing channels. So it’s…

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