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Welcome to the Plant-Based Network®

We are a lifestyle and entertainment media network that promotes plant-based living, and we do not allow any meat, dairy or drug advertising. Ultimately our goal is to help grow the plant-based movement so more people can enjoy the benefits of better health and a more sustainable planet.

We have TV shows, a magazine, and online courses for everyone covering a wide variety of tropics such as plant-based/vegan cooking, travel, health, fitness, music, kids and shopping.

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Love the Plant-Based Lifestyle?

We also have local Plant-Based Fan Clubs around the world where our members enjoy socializing with each other and receive exclusive membership benefits, such as access to our members portal where you can catch up on the latest plant-based news, view recipes, find resources and upcoming events in our Plant-Based Directory and learn more about the plant-based lifestyle through our Plant-Based Courses!  Are you an entrepreneur?  We provide training, coaching and implementation assistance to Plant-Based Entrepreneurs.
We invite you to join the millions of people around the world who are celebrating the plant-based lifestyle and all of its life-saving benefits!

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The Plant-Based Spotlight is the official magazine of the Plant-Based Network, and inside you will find delicious plant-based recipes, interviews with influencers and celebrities, and articles on plant-based living and entertainment including cooking, travel, nutrition, fitness, family, educations, music and shopping.

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