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The Lifestyle & Entertainment TV Network for Plant-Based Living

Welcome to the Plant-Based Network!

The Plant-Based Network was founded in 2019 in Charlotte, NC, and is a lifestyle and entertainment media network dedicated to helping people to improve their health and create a more sustainable planet by transitioning to and living a plant-based lifestyle.

The Plant-Based Network features TV shows on the plant-based lifestyle covering a variety of topics such as plant-based/vegan cooking, health, fitness, and environment/sustainability.  However, unlike other TV networks, the Plant-Based Network has no meat, dairy or pharmaceutical commercials or advertisements.

Love the Plant-Based Lifestyle?

We also have local Plant-Based Fan Clubs around the world where our members enjoy socializing with each other and receive exclusive membership benefits, such as access to our members portal where you can catch up on the latest plant-based news, view recipes, find resources and upcoming events in our Plant-Based Directory and learn more about the plant-based lifestyle through our Plant-Based Courses!
We invite you to join the millions of people around the world who are celebrating the plant-based lifestyle and all of its life-saving benefits!